Have you been following the Gazette’s recent attacks against Doug Bruce?  Why not?!  They’ve been hilarious!

On Thursday, Billie Stanton Anleu published an article exposing how the “Voter booklet may be inexact,” containing intentionally inaccurate information.  She focuses her article and attention on Doug Bruce, who wrote parts of the new voter booklet, dissecting his disinformation point-by-point.  It’s awesome.  The biggest laugh is the last, when Bruce is quoted writing “Politicians lie,” and Billie follows it with “Politicians aren’t the only ones who prevaricate, however.”

Damn.  Shots fired!

Then on Friday she published a second article, TABOR author thought ahead, where she again goes after Doug Bruce’s deceptions in the voter booklet.  After pointing out how the TABOR law, which Doug Bruce wrote, does not require voter booklets contain factually accurate information, Billie then smacks down another flaw in Doug’s writing, and it’s worth quoting here:

He [Doug Buce] also opposes Ballot Issue 2D, which would let the city keep $2.1 million that exceeded TABOR revenue limits.  The money would be spent to repair trails.  If the city doesn’t get to keep the money, each household will receive a refund of about $11.

“Liberals demanding this boondoggle sneer at your right to a $12+ refund,” Bruce writes.  “Why?  They spend that on their caramel lattes every morning.”

The biggest caramel latte at Starbucks costs about $5, including tax.  Even with two extra shots each of espresso and caramel syrup, it would cost $6.73.

But again, accuracy isn’t required in the ballot booklet because of TABOR.

Ouch.  Gloves off!

Also today, the Gazette doubled-down on Billie’s Bruce-bashing, by publishing an entire editorial on this voter booklet issue, “Springs voter guide should not mislead,” with several stabs in it against Doug Bruce, calling his booklet text “an irrelevant rant,” “not burdened by the facts,” and the editorial even goes out of its way to clarify how the ballot proposal “is exactly the opposite of what Bruce describes.”  The editorial ends with a call to action, saying “A nefariously misleading voter guide is worse than no guide. The city council and the mayor should quickly propose a charter change that establishes a thoughtful process for vetting blue book entries.”

Subtext: Stop Doug’s nonsense!

For those of you who don’t know, the Gazette is our local daily newspaper, often criticized for being too politically conservative even in its news coverage, and Doug Bruce is, as Billie’s first article says, “an anti-tax activist” and “former county commissioner and legislator who served jail time for felony convictions.” He’s a kind of a fallen hero among local conservatives, so his being attacked by the Gazette like this seems to break President Reagan’s 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow conservative.”

But I applaud it, because idiocy must be defeated.


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